3 “Can’t Miss” Things NEW to G.O.A.T. GRAPHICS in 2019

So, here’s the 4-1-1. As our small, but scrappy team gets ready to gear up for a HUGE 2019, there were plenty of memorable moments to reflect on from this past year. And while some of these moments were memorable for the wrong reasons, we realized over and over again that some of our best work only emerged after being pushed out of our comfort zones. At G.O.A.T. GRAPHICS, we embrace one cliché motto above the rest…get 1% better every day. By striving to do so, we find ourselves always looking forward. It is with that mindset that we have identified and executed THREE GAME-CHANGING initiatives bound to make our die-hard 80’s & 90’s fans go postal in 2019! Oh snap!

1. A totally tubular new website!


What better way to start the new year than with a fresh new look & feel to our e-commerce store!? After all, the trendy thing to do this time of year is to make a resolution centered around that kind of idea…only this time, we stuck with it!

On January 1, 2019, we will be rolling out our brand-new website that promises to enhance your whole user experience – especially when visiting us on your phone. Not only do we hope to accommodate the rapid growth of our swag supply with seamless store navigation wherever you go, but we are also focused on sharing more of our brand’s story and ongoing journey with you via animated content, product videos, and eye-catching imagery that will send you straight back to your roots. You will have just as much fun scrolling through the site as you do gushing over the color explosions fused into our retro-packed styles. We’re not trippin’ when we say it’s all that and a bag of chips!

2. Drum roll please…official merch from your favorite pop culture brands!

nickelodeon clothing and apparel

Nickelodeon, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, Marvel, Kellogg’s, and more! Not to mention, vintage merchandise from some of the most prolific bands of the 1980’s & 90’s. All licensed. All to be made available on our store early 2019.

Alright, take a chill pill and act like you’ve been here before. PSYCHE! We’re buggin’ out about this too! From apparel to accessories and everything else in-between, we have the BEST assortment of merch needed to fill that nostalgic void in your life.

Are you ready??

3. We be blogging

 We Be Blogging

Blast to the past on a monthly basis by subscribing to our new blog! Led by our official blogger, @thenostalchic (some say she never officially left the 1990’s), you will be kept in the loop with all the latest news & trends from the era that everyone commonly agrees (no bias here) was the GREATEST OF ALL TIME. No duh.

In fact, you can bounce right now and read her first two posts!

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Long story short, year one of our company’s existence was all about the creation of the retro-infused clothing & apparel that made you a fan of the G.O.A.T. GRAPHICS style and brand. To say thanks, year two will be all about the memorable, nostalgic-filled moments we are committed to bringing you every time we say "wassup". Until then, we wish you nothing but health and success in the new year. Cheers!


And with that, I’m outtie.

Christopher Mangione, Founder of G.O.A.T. GRAPHICS



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