7 Totally Embarrassing Accessories We Rocked in the Nineties

It’s no surprise the late ’80s, and early ’90s had some epic style highlights. It was a time to be bold with color, dramatic with hair, and make sure every outfit was complete with an added touch. Here are seven accessories we all rocked at one point or another, and you’re either about to applaud your fashion forwardness or cringe through this list. 

1.) Snap Bracelets 

snap bracelets

They say pain is beauty and I’m wondering if that saying came from snap bracelets. We snapped those dang things around our wrists and did it over and over again because we lived for that painful sound. I will never understand why we loved grabbing our friends hand and catching them off guard with the snap or snapping about seven bracelets all the way down our arms. Either way, we lived for it. 

2.) Friendship Necklaces

friendship necklace

Were you even friends though unless your 4th grade bestie had the other half of your friendship necklace? I think not! Friendship necklaces and bracelets were all the rage in the ’90s and the only true sign of a real BFF. Whether your Biffle had the Ying to your Yang or the Friend to your Best, it was truly a sign of the OG ride or die. 

3.) Bucket Hats

bucket hats

I’ll never understand why we would crush on guys who rocked frosted tips and a bucket hat but hey, they looked suave, and our little 90’s hearts were all about it. For some reason, bucket hats were a thing. But I can’t blame it all on the guys. I too remember bringing my own jean bucket hat on a family cruise, and I thought I was THE HOTTEST thing. We can’t win em all. 

4.) Butterfly Clips

butterfly clips

No middle school dance was complete unless the top half of your hair was in cornrows and you had butterfly clips holding them in place. Man, was that a look! These butterfly clips were all the rage, and I had them in every pastel color you could think of. I even had the clips where the wings actually moved on their own when you walked. So cute! (Sarcasm intended)

5.) Chokers

I won’t even lie about this. Chokers came back full force about a year ago, and I gladly rocked the style again. Forever 21 had some cute ones. I have to admit though; they take a bit to get used to. It’s a little unnerving having something rest against your neck like that, hence the name choker, but I love them, and I’m thankful for the trend. Who’s with me?

6.) Puka Shell Necklace

puka shell necklace

Just when you thought you escaped them forever, we can’t forget the puka shell necklace. I’ll never understand it, but it made us all feel a little more Hollister. You channeled your inner surfer even if you never set foot on a beach before, all because you wore tiny sea shells around your neck. Gel scrunched hair with my Hollister t-shirt, and puka shell necklace will forever be one of my favorite throwback looks.

7.) Velcro Wallets

velcro wallets

Nothing like the fresh sound of velcro when paying for your hot lunch! Seriously though, what was our fascination with velcro back in the day? From our shoes to our winter jackets and our bright neon velcro wallets. It was a sound. It was a vibe. It was a thing. It was the 90’s. 

How many of the above accessories did you rock? Be sure to let us know in the comments and share with your friends!


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