Top 8 Things You Miss From a 90’s Christmas

The holidays bring out the warm and fuzzies in all of us. Family, food, love, presents! Not necessarily in that order. But If I'm being real here, you know what I miss most of all? Christmas in the ’90s. So without further ado, here are the Top 8 Things You Miss From a 90’s Christmas.

1.) Grandma’s Ugly Couch

grandma's couch

It was a brownish multicolored velvety mess, but it was where we sat and opened presents from Uncle Gary and Auntie Sue. It was where we sat and watched Christmas movies while drinking hot chocolate with LOTS of marshmallows (because grandma ALWAYS made sure we had plenty of sugary marshmallows in our chocolate). That terrible, ugly couch (that has since been traded in for a sectional) still holds a special place in my heart!

2.) NSYNC Christmas On Repeat

nsync christmas album

You may choose to argue with me, but I’ll say right here and now NSYNC’s Christmas album is one of the BEST Christmas albums of all time! And you’ve got to be crazy to think I still don’t have those sweet high-pitched Christmas voices on repeat in 2018. However, I decided to include it in this blog post as a friendly reminder to never forget the wonderful feeling. Feel the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling. It’s that time of year and Christmas time is here.

3.) Going to The Mall to Christmas Shop

Don’t get me wrong, Amazon is GREAT! But I would love going to the mall as a kid with my mom or my nana and seeing all the stores decorated. Seeing everyone enjoying the hustle and bustle of great deals and the holidays. Knowing a creepy Santa was waiting in the middle of the mall for me to tell him what I wanted for Christmas. It’s easier to have gifts arrive at your doorstep, but the mall during the holidays was truly the closest you would ever get to the North Pole.

4.) Getting Presents but Not Having to Buy Any

This one is just a product of being an adult. Wasn’t life so much better in the ’90s? Knowing you were about to receive all the gifts your little heart desired yet still being young enough not to have any responsibilities or expectations to buy other people gifts? Yup. Those were the days.

5.) Christmas Caroling

I’m not a singer, so caroling was never my thing, but it’s such a holiday tradition. I remember in 1998 my family and I had just finished dinner and we heard the doorbell ring. We opened the door and out in our front yard were about twenty carolers. It was so fun listening to them sing. But honestly, if anyone rings your doorbell now you either turn off all the lights and hide or suspiciously and cautiously look out the window to see what religious group is trying to convert you.

6.) Putting Toys on Your Christmas List


I miss the days when the only thing I put on my Christmas list was the hottest toys of the year. Remember asking for a Tamagotchi? Or how about the Furby we all wanted but still remains in the darkest corner of our closet because no matter what happened it never ran out of batteries. Now when my mom asks me what I want for Christmas, I say grocery money and cash to pay off my student loan debt. Shame.

7.) JCPenny Holiday Photo

Though JCPenny still has photo sessions to this day, it was a 90’s trademark to have your family Christmas card photo taken at the mall. Really who doesn’t remember waking up early and getting all ready to head to JCPenny with the fam in all matching red turtleneck sweaters? Thinking about it makes me cringe. But we’ve all done it.

8.) Having A Million Advent Calendars

December 1st used to be a day of excitement because that was the official start of your advent calendar and the official start of the countdown to Christmas. Now Christmas starts the day after Halloween. But in the 90’s we dedicated Christmas to just a solid month. A month of waking up every morning to snag a piece of chocolate from the calendar knowing we were another day closer to Santa arriving!

Let’s try to bring the 90’s back as much as we can this year! Hoping everyone has a safe and happy holiday. Since we are adults and now buy presents for our family and friends, gift someone with an awesome throwback styled wardrobe by using the promo code ‘XMAS’ and ordering from G.O.A.T. GRAPHICS.


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