G.O.A.T. GRAPHICS: We Rock That Retro

What up home skillets! Welcome to the newest edition of G.O.A.T. GRAPHICS! Your bi-weekly blog full of 80's & 90's nostalgia and pop culture news. We are stoked to say we're officially kicking things off with the celebration of our one-year anniversary! Whoop whoop! (Cue the Carlton dance).

carlton dance

It’s true. We have dubbed our retro style as the Greatest Of All Time because it truly was the greatest era. And you know what? It was sooooo good that it’s coming back full swing not only with our amazing styles but with the way of the world in general. 

The 80’s brought us bright colors and big hair, paired with some football sized shoulder pads. The 90’s brought electric patterns, scrunchies, and way too many screaming Tamagotchis. It was a simpler time of T.G.I.F, and the only thing we needed to fear was the intro to Are You Afraid Of The Dark. But just when you thought it couldn’t get any scarier, then came student loan debt and adult responsibilities.   

But here at G.O.A.T. you can escape the world of adulting and revel back to a time that was just simply the BEST! Our styles are not only meant to make you look like a total retro snack, but to also bring out that inner child who would rock out to Bon Jovi and Nirvana while sipping on a Capri Sun. 

It’s been a year of learning, building, and grinding but more importantly, a year of knowing that the 80’s and 90’s generations are thirsty for that retro style that made us feel like a straight up boss back in the day. Only this time it doesn’t need to be mom approved. This is G.O.A.T. GRAPHICS. Your one-stop shop for style, news, swag, and new friends! Be sure to follow us on social-media @thegoatgraphics. Welcome back to the past!


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